They wake up yearning in the morning

Restless to a distant calling

From one end they call out to my other end

A very important message every morning they send

Wake up rise shine and live

Life has some beautiful gifts to give

Unearth the treasures of every minute of the day

Through all the tunnels of challenges and difficulties it gives you to your dismay

For beyond a hurdle there is a higher ground

Beyond a challenge new avenues lie to be found

Choices and experiences are what we make

It is up to us at the end of it what to take

Not every day will be the same

There will be new demons within us to tame

Not every circumstance will favour us

Never sit around to fret and fuss

At times it may seem that everything is over

Remember to look under the cover

Every fall can be on a trampoline from which you could bounce higher

Never let any strong wind from outside extinguish within you your fire

That flame within you that knows the way ahead

Don’t give in to all the fears that in your growing years you have been fed

With faith calm cheer love and the purpose to be good to one and all

Also remember to be kind to your own self is the fundamental call

Life is a journey all of us are getting to some place

Every stop is beautiful you need to have faith in his grace.