“Self-love is love for oneself. It enables an individual to feel complete and happy by themselves. The source of this treasure lies within a person.”

This pandemic caused by the coronavirus has shaken up the mental health of most people. Everyone’s life is filled with challenges and obstacles. Everything seems to be spiraling out of control. We all have to bear our own ross, walk our own path and not let circumstances break us. What we can control is not allowing our minds to be crippled with fear.

If you are at your lowest,if you are about to give up on yourself, if you are finding it hard to believe in yourself,pick up this book and go through this journey of discovering who you truly are. Make the journey with the author who travelled till the end, only to retrace her steps to come back stronger.

As you heal and love yourself,you will love everything about your life. All the challenges hurdles and obstacles will reveal the actual purposeof their occurrence. Only love will save you—the love for your own self first and subsequently the love of others.

This book is dedicated to people who are dealing with a personal issue and trying to resolve it, fighting depression and trying to stay afloat in life.

Master Self Love. Learn the art of loving yourself.