I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from one of India’s premier institutes, the National Institute for the Orthopaedically Handicapped (N.I.O.H), which is affiliated to the Calcutta University and then did my Master’s degree in counselling and guidance for women from the Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal.

After having difficult pregnancy along with a traumatic childbirth experience I worked with pregnant women for nearly two decades making it the purpose of my life to enhance the quality of thousands of expecting couples. I went ahead to start a (center called Dwi Maternity Studio) center for antenatal counselling for expecting couples decades ago when a concept like this was unheard off. It was the first of its kind in Chennai.

As a fetus grows in its mother’s womb symbolizing two unified entities, the baby also grows in the heart of the expecting father, fusing the two individuals emotionally. A man and a woman travel in unison towards the second phase in their lives, from being a couple to being a family.

In the past, women carried and delivered several babies, seemingly with ease and confidence. So, why is it that pregnancy and childbirth have become so complicated in recent times?

The answer is simple. Today, our lifestyles are not what they used to be like a couple of decades ago. While our mothers and grandmothers did all the housework themselves, today we are inundated with electronic gadgets that make our lives sedentary. We get by with little or no exercise. Additionally, with advancements in medical science and a variety of over-the-counter painkillers, our tolerance for pain and discomfort has decreased. In addition, we work odd hours, follow a junk food culture and are stressed out all the time. Is it any wonder then, that pregnancy and delivery, both of which come with their fair share of discomforts and pain have become that much more difficult to manage. Nuclear families has limited the resources of support to expecting women in this crucial phase of their lives.

Forewarned is forearmed, and therefore prepare to have your baby by creating awareness about the various facets of pregnancy delivery lactation, breastfeeding, infant care and parenting.


Starting a healthy life style and eating habits throughout the pregnancy:

  • Implement changes to your diet to manage your weight.
  • Customized eating plan for every expecting mother which provides
  • Nutrition for the baby
  • Appropriate steady weight gain for the mother
  • Handling various gastric discomforts in the pregnancy
  • Avoiding gestational diabetes, increasing hemoglobin counts, controlling mood swings

Obtain well-informed guidance to manage every aspect of your pregnancy.

  • Queries and Myths
  • Bond with your partner, and eventually with your baby.

Starting a safe and consistent exercise plan during the pregnancy:

  • Start a simple exercise regime that fits into your busy schedule

Specifications about the exercises:

These exercises are Safe and pregnancy specific. They are a

  • Blend of Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Core Strengthening
  • Free hand Exercise
  • Simple Stretches
  • Breathing Exercises

The motive of exercising in pregnancy is to

  • Strengthen the back, the core, abdominal wall and muscles of the Pelvic floor
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Stay active and fit throughout the pregnancy
  • Make labour and child birth an experience
  • Speedy recovery after delivery

The exercises are Personalized according to expecting mother’s energy levels, time, and after thoroughly scrutinizing their Medical reports.

Take the labor out of labor:

Equip yourself with knowledge to manage your labour the various stages of natural birth and making it a memorable experience of a life time bringing in your bundle of joy in to this world.

  • Learn various breathing techniques to manage the contractions during labor.
  • Exploring pain management options in labor
  • How to overcome the various hurdles in the way of Natural birth?
  • Cooperating and pushing the baby with ease

Learn the fine art of creative parenting

  • Essential and fundamental aspects to successful breastfeeding
  • Hands on daddy
  • The way to a Speedy recovery after childbirth
  • Self esteem
  • Positive thinking
  • Forming healthy habits for eating toilet training and other activities of daily living
  • Preparation for play school

I would like to reiterate that my focus is not limited to diet and exercises only instead it is a holistic approach to pregnancy, delivery and parenting. The objective is not only to help you stay fit, but also to transform pregnancy childbirth and the post-natal phase into a pleasant and a memorable experience.


Available as Guest speakers for various gathering:

Spreading my work beyond and far to reach out to many expecting couples I welcome opportunities to speak in various public forums and as a guest speaker and also conduct workshops on Antenatal care.

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