Often we look up in the sky and wish upon a star; we need to look within us. We need not go so far. The eastern part of the sky in every city, town and village dawns a crimson red robe every morning.

This color is such a feast not only for the eyes but ones soul too. It is very addictive. Every night as I get in to my bed to sleep, the most exciting thing I want to awaken up to is to see this beautiful painting in the sky.

The greed and addiction to view this beautiful vision pulls me out of bed every morning and ever since then getting up early has never been such a difficult task for me. It is said the best things in life are free a sunrise, the gentle breeze, the splatter of the rains against the skin, the starlight sky, the cool shade of a tree, the colors of the sky, green grass, the flowers, an endless list.

If any of you think I am just speaking in another poet’s language then to experience these small yet abundant treasures of life, we need to remove the veil from in front of our eyes. This veil that makes us see the joys of life coming always with a price tag, from external things, from materialistic things, things which would perish with time, temporary things. It creates an illusion that happiness comes from the world around us.

Once this veil is removed one will realise that the source to unlimited joys in life lies within us, the key to control of the world lies within. And then the crimson red color robe will adorn our very inner spirit with Happiness Unlimited.