In this age of the smart revolution, where most things are available at our fingertips, we are struggling to maintain relationships. Marriage is one of the most fundamental and essential relationships between humans but is being looked upon as a great task. Surprisingly, people are able to master gadgets but are failing at handling human emotions.

  1. Break the barriers of fears and myths about the pregnancy.
  2. Free yourself from the fear of labour pains
  3. Take care of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing during the pregnancy.
  4. Make sustainable, practical lifestyle changes for a happy and healthy pregnancy with this simple, practical and personalized book for every expecting woman.

The mother takes the seat alongside the creator when she delivers a new life. When the whole world rejoices at the birth of a baby, why should the mother who does all the hard work not be smiling through the whole process?

About The Author

Rakhi Kapoor is a qualified physiotherapist who has been counselling expecting couples for decades. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is a unique book on pregnancy for expecting couples.

Rakhi found herself heartbroken and devastated, wandering alone in the mountains of Nepal, having failed to accomplish a challenge that she had set for herself. Blessings indeed come disguised. She turned her failure into an opportunity to become an author with her first book, The Girl Who Was Left Behind. She continues to trek tougher mountains, discovering her potential and writing many more inspiring books.

Between setting a new challenge for herself and overcoming it, she celebrates life, love and relationships with all the expecting couples she interacts with. She believes that every challenge in life gives us an opportunity to grow in our own eyes and find love in another’s heart.