Some days I want to hide my face in the blanket and enjoy the dark

Shut the whole world away and build a layer of silence around me

Everything weighs more than what I could carry

And every simple take seems to be draining

Sit back and bask in the emptiness around me

Drown myself in abyss of feeling numb

Its actually not a bad place to be

Such days slow your mind

And then you begin to look in the direction of where you are heading

That pause brings in a sinister stillness

Its best to just let the day go by

And sway to the tune of vacuum

And when you feel exhausted and empty

There is sense of peace that will seep in

Then there will come another day

When the rested soul tired body and the still mind

Will wake up to move forward

Yesterday wont seem that bad.

That pause was essential may be we needed to rest

May be we could use that rejuvenation

To have a different perspective at things

Turn around to move in a direction we never figured

Rests pauses slowing down darkness loneliness are gifts

They don’t come exactly gift wrapped

They are like a surprise encounter with a not so favourite person during the day

But when those moments passes one definitely needs to ponder over what went by

Feel proud of themselves and feel relieved that they survived something they didn’t ask for

And then get back at the new day with zeal and zest

And then run surf along the tide of life

With enthusiasm and excitement

On a surf board of hope

As long as we believe we can

There is no end to the opportunities that bring about success

In living our life as if it was recreating our dreams