“Clothes Don’t Maketh The Man”. You must be wondering if you read this line right. A famous proverb says otherwise. If a man turned up wearing distress denim for a board meeting or wore a formal suit for a casual coffee or date, he would be judged for being inappropriately dressed.

What if there was an explanation as to why he was not suitably dressed for the occasion? Isn’t a man constantly judged and labeled according to what he does, how he looks, how he speaks or behaves. He is expected to be a good provider, a passionate lover, a decent man, a loving father, a good son, a supportive brother, and a great husband. Phew exhausting isn’t it?

Every man at every stage of his life strives to give his best towards his personal and professional commitments. This book is about understanding a man beyond his external appearance discovering him beyond how the world looks at him and judges him.

What is the definition of an ideal man? What goes about making him loved desired and respected. Take this journey with the author to find out.

This book is an ode to every man out there, going about his life making a difference.