Hello there, what’s up?

I was born in the city of joy Kolkatta,India. I grew up in various cities all over Indiawhich exposed me to people from diverse cultures, dialects, belief systems andfaiths. That exposure weaved a yarn consisting of fine threads in to my personality like acceptance, tolerance and respect for different people, their ways of living and thought processes. Eventually I picked up a passion for travelling so that I could interact with people of different culturesand be a part of the hustle bustle of big cities, the quite towns and serene country sides all over the world.

I believe that there is more to people beyond their physical description, degrees and what they do for a living. The world demands a certain set of decorum from us when we interact in the society. Our relationships and commitments put us in various roles and compartments. One’s true self exists deep in our thoughts finding its way when we are alone.

I have been a dreamer all my life. Cloud spotting, dancing in rain, doing a jig randomly, crooning away to glory and breaking in to a cackle unguarded tickles the rebellions streak within me. As much as I respect people’s view. It’s important that I hold my own among the crowd. I believe that everybody matters, each one is unique and every individual has their purpose on this earth. No body’s journey should ever be belittled. Making reckless judgements without being aware of anindividual’s story is an act of cruelty. Opportunities in Life are not served in a plater but they are camouflaged as challenges obstacles and failures.So yes every individual has to live their life in accordance to their dreams and listen to their own voice coming from within.

I have managed to live my life fulfilling my dreams and listening to my heart.Born to a Hindu Mother and a Buddhist Father the concepts of Karma are deeply ingrained in my ethos.So my actions are also governed by this universal law “What goes around comes back”.

I ask myself these fundamental questions.

As I live my life am I making a difference?

Am I making the universe proud for having created me? However small may be the act and whatever may be the number of lives I interact with,did I put a smile on someone’s lips, have I eased someone’s aching spirit, have I listened to the woes of a broken spirit, have I givenhope and courage to the personaround me who needed it? The answer I work towards is yes. I did my level best in the given scenario.

In the whole process of doing so I don’t forget to love and take care of myself either. Whatever we have within us is what we will be able to give to the world.

So, as you carry on with the business of living, paying your bills taking care of your loved ones, achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams but don’t forget to enjoy the whole journey, love yourself, live each moment to its fullest and make beautiful memories.

For life is ultimately a series of memories that we create as we travel through time.