Overcoming Toxic Relationships and Abuse

Important relationships in personal and professional spaces should be nurturing and loving. Who is policing verbal abuse and mental torture against a spouse, a child, a sibling or a co-worker in the workspace within four walls creating a toxic environment? This kind of toxic behaviour is shoved under the carpet in the name of marital problems, discipline, strict parenting methods, sibling rivalry or office politics. It is not a serious crime that can be reported.

Now you breathe is dedicated to all those broken souls who cry themselves to sleep, the ones who wear their heart out in their sleeves, make themselves vulnerable in love, compassion and caring for their loved ones, yet lie awake at nights in bewilderment wondering what did they do any less for their loved ones. What would it take for them to be good enough for the ones they seek validation from?

Author Rakhi Kapoor highlights the difference between the red flags in a relationship that crops up due to conflicting mindsets or value systems from those occurring when dealing with narcissists and people with personality disorders. In such relationships, the long-standing toxicity transcends to abuse, damaging an individual’s self-esteem and mental health.

If you are someone who is dealing with constant mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse, this book will help you get aware of your situation, help yourself and seek professional help.

Don’t grope in the dark all by yourself. You are not alone.

Now You Breathe

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