The Golden Book Award

Rakhi Kapoor has been awarded the most awaited Golden Book Awards 2023 for her book Now You Breathe – Overcoming Toxic Relationships and Abuse in the category Powerful Relationship Guide. The Golden Book Awards is one of Asia’s prestigious award programs which celebrates best works on literature.

India Social Impact Awards 2022

An initiative to honor India’s most inspiring social workers and changemakers. Rakhi Kapoor received this award for being the pioneer in the concept of prenatal counselling sessions in India with over two decades of experience through her center Dwi Maternity Studio.
India Social Impact Awards 2022
Glorious India

Glorious India

Rakhi Kapoor’s Book Now You Breathe received the most acclaimed book of the year award 2022 by Glorious India Magazine

National Achievers Awards

Rakhi Kapoor was awarded the Best Author of the year 2022 at the National Achievers Award Program in New Delhi at the Constitution Club of India.
National Achievers Awards


Rakhi Kapoor received the Writefluencers award season 3 for her Book Now You Breathe and Writefluencers award season 5 for her book Rebelina.

Yuukke- A Global Ecosystem for Women

Rakhi Kapoor received the Women of excellence award in the year 2022 by Yuukke.
Yuukke- A Global Ecosystem for Women

GIWA : Global Inspiration Women Award

Rakhi Kapoor has received the Global Inspirational Women Inspiration Award (GIWA) 2023 in Goa from Sudha Chandran.

With Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri RN Ravi

Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri RN Ravi
Fox story India Rising Spark Award

Fox story India Women Face of the Year 2023

All India Women's Inspiration Award

Rakhi also received the All India Inspirational Women’s award (AIIWA) 2023 in Bangalore from Director Amog Varsha.

Rakhi Kapoor was recognised as India's rising spark By fox story India

Tagore Commemorative

NE8x® Litfest P R E S E N T S Tagore Literary Commemorative 2 0 2 3 recognition to Rakhi Kapoor for her efforts & contributions as a Literary Honouree for Litfest 2023 Edition.

Sahiyta Khosh

Rakhi kapoor received the Sahitya Khosh Samman for her efforts and contributions as a Literary Honouree for Litfest 2023 Edition by NE8x®.