Healing from Childhood Abuse and Toxic Conditioning

One can’t get far ahead in life by shoving any form of childhood abuse beneath the carpet, be it physical, verbal, emotional, mental, or sexual. Children, teenagers, or young adults who are used as scapegoats to vent out anger and frustration by a parent gravitate towards becoming dysfunctional adults with low self-esteem. Adults with unresolved trauma due to abuse from toxic relationships in their childhood carry forward fears, insecurities, anger, abnormal fixed mindsets, and a host of other maladaptive behaviours as baggage into their adulthood. They continue to seek validation from people all their lives to fill the void within because they were “never good enough” in the eyes of their abusive parent. This makes such individuals prone to narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships in their personal and professional spaces affecting their mental health and career goals.

Love and abuse cannot go together. Individuals who have been victims of abuse in toxic relationships as adults or children need to understand that what they experienced is not love. They need to obliterate their distorted perception of love and attachment and rewrite their definition of love. They need to get help and heal. Healing happens by breaking free from past conditioning and destructive behaviour patterns to recreate a new set of healthy habits and behaviour.

Author Rakhi Kapoor’s twenty-sixth book, Breaking Free Embracing Me , generates awareness about the impact of childhood abuse from toxic relationships on society urging the victims to take help, heal, and come back stronger. “Heal before you have children so that your children don’t have to pay for the baggage that you carry from your abusive past.”

Embark on an adventure. Travel on the edge of pain, rise from the depths of despair, and make this remarkable, life-transforming, breathtaking, sweat-breaking, heart-pounding adventure with the author sharing her personal insights about her own process of healing.

Breaking Free Embracing Me

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