Its raining rains in Venice

There is water everywhere

Water above and water below

How does a raindrop feel pouring on Venice?

A rain drop makes contact with a parched earth in most places

But in Venice it mostly pours on its own kind

“Well what on earth is this place? “asked the puzzled rain

“I get a mixed feeling” said the confused rain

The clouds then teased the rains with a thundering laugh.

The sparkle in the dark clouds eyes shone as lightening

The sound of the drizzle translated in to a description

“It’s a maze of cobbled stone roads travelling endlessly in circles

Alleys entwining into each other going some place yet coming back to the same place

Time stopped here in this city settling on the ancient small buildings

The water calms the land and soothes the spirits of the beings in the city

Devoid of the rumble of motor vehicles

Their heart exudes poetry and art endlessly

Their feet play hopscotch hopping on and off small bridges

You will fall in to a coffee cup Oh rain drop

Or settle on the brush of a painter capturing the Maria Madonna on his canvas

You will rain on peace and quiet in parts of the city

You will gush through crowds bursting with energy

You will merge in to water

You will spatter on land

You will drench the new and the old”

The rain replied to the clouds

“Bring on the orchestra, you play your music

Let my rain drops break in to a million tiny splatters

Let me celebrate this beautiful place on earth

Let me pour myself on Venice”