Why Ram? What does it take to be married to Ram, an incarnate of the preserver of life, pure and powerful? Why does a woman choose exile for fourteen years with a smile over a life of luxury? What goes through the mind of a queenwho gets kidnapped and kept hostage by another powerful and dynamic king who desires her? How does the same woman feel when she is abandoned in the wilderness when she is in her family way? If you thought Sita was helplessly dragged from the palace to the jungles to be abandoned in the wilderness,think again.

A woman called Lasaki draws inspiration from Sita in today’s times.

Lasakiisfound abandoned after her birth in a temple of a remote village.A childless couple adopts her. They raise her with unconditional love and a good education,which liberated her mind. She developedaspirations and ambitions in life.Shedared to explore beyond her comfort zone,against all the odds, to make a difference to the world.

What does it take to be Sita or Lasaki? What does it take for a woman to choose challenges and hardships over a comfortable life?This book Why Ram is about unearthing the Sita within each woman to come out victorious against all the odds. It is a timeless saga of a woman. A woman is not a puppet. Neither a man she dearly loves nor can a powerful man who wants herhave her against her will. She charts the course of her own destiny.

The Spirit of Sita is eternal

About The Author

Rakhi Kapoor is a qualified physiotherapist who has been counselling expecting couples for decades. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is a unique book on pregnancy for expecting couples.

Rakhi found herself heartbroken and devastated, wandering alone in the mountains of Nepal, having failed to accomplish a challenge that she had set for herself. Blessings indeed come disguised. She turned her failure into an opportunity to become an author with her first book, The Girl Who Was Left Behind. She continues to trek tougher mountains, discovering her potential and writing many more inspiring books.

Between setting a new challenge for herself and overcoming it, she celebrates life, love and relationships with all the expecting couples she interacts with. She believes that every challenge in life gives us an opportunity to grow in our own eyes and find love in another’s heart