Who is a Rebel?

A rebel is an individual who does not conform to norms. Women have been fighting for equality and seeking justice in various aspects like equal wages, reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternal leave, sexual harassment, domestic violence, the right to education, etc. Not all rebellions spillover on the streets. Every woman who acts according to her free will for the greater good in her daily routine is a rebel, leading her own revolution. She may be a little girl. She could be a woman in love, a wife, a mom or an expectant mother, a career woman or a loving grandmother.

Here are fourteen powerful stories where these rebels take various challenges head-on and live their life on their own terms. The women in the stories make their mark in their own way, symbolizing a revolution against a cause, no matter how big or small.

This book is dedicated to every woman who stands up for herself.

She refuses to fit in and blend with the crowd.

She dares to be different and break the rules.

She is courageous, wise, kind and compassionate.

She is a fighter and doesn’t give up on herself easily.

She leads a rebellion against ignorance.

She has a burning desire to live an extraordinary life.