Testing and exploring the mind

The traveler and the trekker

Being outdoors was something that I missed during my growing up years because of studies and the pressure to have a career in the future . My mother came back to pick me up from school if I stayed back for any sports or athletics related events. My father was a passionate football player and an athlete , thank fully my son follows suit. So as an adult, I tried my hands in KalariPayattru, Trekking and Running. I would call it mid life excitement, enthusiasm or awakening, trying catching up on everything I missed before it was too late.

Travelling is something I extensively love doing. Try and see a new place every year. At the start of every year I put up a list of things to do and try to tick it of my bucket list . Been there and done it.Travelling, Trekking, Reading and Writing together became the perfect recipe to write my first book.

I believe our thoughts our experiences in life influence and shape our destiny. The experiences of my life, human interactions, books, movies, nature guides me to live a life of choices rising up to challenges every time. The days spent in my first trek in Nepal which I failed to complete were lonely were painful, scary and heart breaking. Through it all Rabindranath Tagore’s EklaCholo re played in my head. I repeated the lines from his poem where the mind is without fear, the words from Robert Frost ‘ s poem the road less travelled, and miles to go before I sleep, I whispered to myself. I chose to look beyond the obvious and every step along the way transformed in to words to become a story. A story that I could share with the world which would inspire many others

Life Destiny and God gave me a chance to choose what best I could make of it, to make my dream come true and become an author.Hence came along my first book , based on my experience ” The girl who was left behind”. Life is too precious to be allowed to simply pass by. It has to be lived completely and intensely in the moment.

Having failed to complete my first trek only influenced me to take on more difficult and challenging ones in the future. The Bagini Glacier, Spiti valley, Everest base Camp, Mount Fuji and Mount Kilimanjaro is the list of treks that I have completed till date. I intend to keep climbing and conquering new mountains and overcoming life’s challenges.

I love to walk through the clouds on these mountain tops only to surpass the mist and rise above them. In the plains I continue to work with expecting couples and pregnant women overcome their pregnancy pangs and fear of labour pains.

I set a goal to work towards it and then celebrate crossing a new milestone in life.