Iwill never have this day back ever again

That one exclusive sunrise, that special song of the cuckoo

The conversations between the other birds in the surrounding

The look of the sky the various patterns drawn by the clouds

That one trickle of sweat

Those couple of breathes

I will never have this morning again

That one breeze and that one sway of the branches

The rustle of the leaves

That one fresh dew drop

Those many footsteps

Those many thoughts however short lived that came in and left my mind

I will never have that moment of the cracking dawn back again

What has been lived is lived

What has gone has passed

As my hands empty

As my heart pauses momentarily

As my thoughts go blank for a moment dragging my breath along

There will be more to come

Another dawn another morning sky with fresh designs of clouds

Life as it is as it was and as it will be

Passing uninterrupted…………