This book captures in its pages the story of a first-generation entrepreneur’s struggles and victories. Vijay Kapoor, the founder of the brand Derby Men’s Wear, started his journey in the year 1994. Derby Men’s Wear is a men’s apparel brand, popular in South India, with over sixty-eight stores, headquartered out of Chennai, India.

Vijay Kapoor started his journey with two tailoring machines, a two-hundred square feet size store, a capital of two lakh rupees, a heart filled with dreams and a mind full of ideas. The purpose of sharing his story is to inspire people to reaffirm their faith in themselves.

Nobody has it easy in life. No one gets everything right in his or her personal or professional lives from the start. Obstacles are not meant to block our progress. Challenges are meant to help us grow. Adversity is the time for innovation. A comeback after a setback is possible only if we don’t give up on ourselves.

In these pages, a love story is narrated simultaneously. It is an unconventional story of how two individuals find love against all the odds through a journey of self-discovery.

About The Author

Rakhi Kapoor is a qualified physiotherapist who has been counselling expecting couples for decades. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is a unique book on pregnancy for expecting couples.

Rakhi found herself heartbroken and devastated, wandering alone in the mountains of Nepal, having failed to accomplish a challenge that she had set for herself. Blessings indeed come disguised. She turned her failure into an opportunity to become an author with her first book, The Girl Who Was Left Behind. She continues to trek tougher mountains, discovering her potential and writing many more inspiring books.

Between setting a new challenge for herself and overcoming it, she celebrates life, love and relationships with all the expecting couples she interacts with. She believes that every challenge in life gives us an opportunity to grow in our own eyes and find love in another’s heart