Expressing Myself

I secretly nurtured a dream of writing a book and becoming an author some day. Children pick up what they observe from their surroundings.

I watched my paternal grandfather endlessly write for hours translating the discourses of the Gautama Buddha from the language Pali to Bengali and English. While i sat by his side writing an essay on my experience in the local vegetable and fish market that morning, my first ride in the metro rail in Kolkata. I believed that everything and anything in life is worth writing and cherishing . I continued to practise my writing skills by penning down personal notes to loved ones, writing essays, articles in the school and college publications. My English teacher in the 6th grade read my essay aloud in the class ,friends and family treasured my hand written notes appreciated it all this made me believe that my writing was worth a read.

A book has been my constant companion. I grew up reading the most famous authors in my growing years in every possible category . I can spend hours in a library or a book shop. I feel as if the whole world disappears when I am with books. Every book every author has had something to contribute to my writing skills.

One of the first most influential books in the past few years that churned my thoughts and writing was Robin Sharma’s The monk who sold his Ferrari. It was an unusual journey beyond just physical space , it was a journey inwards but the path lead to the mountains.

Dr. Brain Weiss captured my awe in terms of his story telling skills by sharing his life’s experiences. I connect to his writing and the concept of life beyond this life and that everything is about Closure and peace is attained finally in Love. Only Love is Real is one of my most favourite books.

I am a fan of Paulo Coelho. I wait for his books . Every chapter every story has a message that makes us introspect grow and evolve as human beings.

And finally the one book that transformed my life was Krishna Consciousness by Osho. It was gifted to me by a very dear friend. It has liberation in every word . It is the true essence of Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita simplified. One of my priciest possession is the book Kane and Abel ,autographed by Jeffery Archer.

Travelling, Trekking, Reading and Writing together became the perfect recipe to write my first book at the age of forty. The book is adapted from my real life experience ” The girl who was left behind”.I was standing alone and being tested with harsh challenges travelling by foot in the Himalayan ranges of Nepal.

Travelling is something I extensively love doing. Try and see a new place every year. At the start of every year I put up a list of things to do and try to tick it of my bucket list . Been there and done it.Travelling, Trekking, Reading and Writing together became the perfect recipe to write my first book.

Disappointments and setbacks are blessings in disguise. They are planted by destiny for us to find our way around. They are like the breadcrumbs we leave behind at strategic points to help us enjoy the experience grow and keep moving ahead in life. Better late than never. I kind of made up for starting late in life with my writing. After publishing my first book in the year 2017 I went on a spree to publish many more books one after the other in various genres both fiction and non fiction category. I am referred to as a serial author on a lighter note.


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