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The Girl Who Never Looked Back

ABOUT THE BOOK Tamara embarks on yet another journey of self -discovery and personal growth this time to explore the Garhwal Mountains in Uttarakhand. She… Read More

Love Yourself

“Self-love is love for oneself. It enables an individual to feel complete and happy by themselves. The source of this treasure lies within a person.”… Read More


Who is a Rebel? A rebel is an individual who does not conform to norms. Women have been fighting for equality and seeking justice in… Read More

The Dovic Story

In the beginning, mankind was like any other life-form, naïve and frail. The creators of the Universe, Ra and Ri had gifted mankind unique and… Read More


Most people find it hard to accept that they failed to achieve something. It leaves them disheartened and broken. They fall in their own eyes,… Read More

Cleopatra Had Many Lives

ABOUT THE BOOK A witty, intelligent enticing individual is incarnated as an adorable and mesmerising Persian Cat. Cleopatra understands human communications and feels deep emotions…. Read More